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We discuss and share issues and answers for improving the academic side of your student, student-athlete, or former student-athlete (e.g., pro player).

SLAM dunking Grades – Ten Commandments to Better Time Management

1. Plan Your Work I know it sounds simple.  Ain’t it a shame most simple dreams are the hardest to get. Most folks mix up the word simple with easy. Let’s face it.   You know your test dates, practice times, … Continue reading

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To Pay or Not to Pay – Giving $$$ to College Student-athletes

Well okay before we get settled in for the 2011 season in the span of one summer we’ve seen Ohio state caught with their pants down or should I say shirt off (getting the tattoos done), the U (Miami) with … Continue reading

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When is Enough too Much? Student Overachievement

Now that school is coming to a close, I just had to let u know it aint  (I’m sorry it’s not – my wife-n-daughter will kill me if I don’t say it right) easy when u r the dumbest in … Continue reading

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