Top Podcaster Jenningwire Interview with Coach Nick

Nick Savage is on a quest before he leaves the planet to Redefine Cool?! “I want to help kids and families maintain the mantra “It’s cool to be smart or just cool to be fill in the blank ”. Because at the end of the day, I found over the years many kids would “dummy down” just to fit in. For example, growing up in Baltimore I knew many smart Black male friends that thought it was “White” to show their intelligence. With the ladies I’ve championed, their challenge was “STEM” and “Sports” since many males look at that as a stigma, if the female is smart and/or athletic. Having been surrounded by strong, brilliant and athletic women my whole life I found it to be absurd! I want to help redefine any similar stereotypes that need to die! What is the one thing that’s universal that transcends Age, Race, Religion, and Sex? Everyone aspires to be Cool! It’s finding your true self.” “Now it’s time to advance to the big stage to spread the message pursue excellence as long as your heart beats.”

About askcoach

A Former student-athlete, performance trainer, inventor, public speaker and businessman, Coach Nick dedicated himself to help other student-athletes transform their lives before, during and after sports. To ensure student-athletes and their families use sports instead of sports using them. Coach Savage has trained or spoken nationally to thousands of student-athletes and coaches. As the inventor of the Savage Hill, Coach Nick has trained some of the top teams in the nation. He continues to fight for kids opportunities to achieve through sports and beyond.
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